History of Illinois AEYC

The Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children was initiated in 1969 by the Chicago Association for the Education of Young Children for the purpose of increasing the impact of professionals in the field of early childhood. The organization has grown from a loose network of highly motivated individuals gathering from all over the state to discuss issues effecting children to a professional organization with bylaws, a constitution and a strategic plan. When the history of the organization is reviewed, a vision of an organization steadily pushing towards greater professionalism, increased networking and collaboration, and a strengthened voice for children in the state of Illinois is revealed.

Fall 1969

Chicago Association for the Education of Young Children agreed to spearhead the development of a state group so that advocacy efforts undertaken by CAEYC could have state impact.

December 1969

An Organizational Meeting is held in Champaign/Urbana. Those in attendance appoint a Steering Committee to develop by-laws.

June 1970

The ILLAEYC Board established the use of a logo and set dues. They emphasized the goal of establishing a statewide group that does not reflect the political division typical of the state of Illinois. The CAEYC Board requested the ILLAEYC Board to

  1. Build an organization with an effective group structure with special membership rates for affiliate groups.
  2. Call for representatives fromeach affiliate group.

May 1971

The first statewide conference is held in Champaign/Urbana. By-laws, affiliation with NAEYC, approval of individual membership, and the use of the acronym ILLAEYC are approved.

October 1971

Fall Conference held at Holiday Inn East in Springfield

April 1972

Spring Workshop held at Holiday Inn in Effingham

October 1972

Fall Workshop held at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

April 1973

Workshop at Northern Illinois University – “Learning in the Out of Doors”

October 1973

Fall Conference held at Sheraton Inn, Springfield titled, “Be Proud of Local Resources”

February 1974

Study Session at U of I in Urbana - “Maximizing Our Effectiveness – Cooperating With Other Organizations”

April 1975

Spring Conference held at Illinois State University, Normal titled - “Who Am I?”

October 1976

“Elect The Best For Kids ‘76” Conference held at Sangamon State University and Lincoln Land Community College, in Springfield

February 1984

Eighteen affiliate groups have organized around the state. The organization prioritized the goals of Public Policy and Professionalism

July 1984

Revised by-laws and the use of a new acronym, Illinois AEYC, are approved.

July 1988

The Long-Range Planning Committee developed an ISSUES FOR ACTION plan designed to generate major concerns held by the membership and those in the field of early childhood.

September 1988

“Play in Peoria” Conference – Peoria Civic Center and Pere Marquette Hotel

October 1990

“Caring For Our Future” Conference held at University of Illinois in Champaign

August 1991

A consultant, Joan Clark, is hired to assist the Organizational Review Committee.

There are 25 affiliate chapters in the state.

October 1992

“A Child’s Reach For The Future” Conference – Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield

September 1994

Full year Government Consultant is hired for representation before the Illinois General Assembly and for public affairs and public relations services.

Fall 1994

Illinois AEYC received its first grant: The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services funded a three-year study of collaboration between 2 and 4 year teacher training programs, “Building Bridges"

October 1994

First Fall Symposium was held in Peoria

March 1994

The revised by-laws, a result of the Strategic Planning Committee’s work, presented to the membership for passage. Regional Vice Presidents and Executive, Professional Development, Public Policy, Finance, Communications, Organizational Development and Nominations Committees were added.


Team Building Training for affiliate leaders held on Friday evenings of State Board meetings.

October 1996

Illinois AEYC received a three-year grant from the McCormick Tribune Foundation for organizational development.

January 1997

Management firm of Burnison Chasnoff & Associates hired to act as the office.

July 1997

Illinois AEYC hosted Strategic Planning weekend in Chicago.

October 1998

Statewide Illinois AEYC conference held at Crowne Plaza, Springfield, IL.


Completed Salary Survey for McCormick Tribune Foundation Grant.

September 1999

Illinois AEYC hired a staff person, Donetta Braner, and opened an office in Springfield, IL.

October 1999

Illinois AEYC is awarded a three-year grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services to provide financial and technical assistant for child care providers seeing NAEYC accreditation. “SAM” project.

October 2000

Statewide Illinois AEYC Conference held in Peoria, IL. Endowment was made of Lillian Katz Guest Lectureship.

Spring 2000

Restructuring Task Force is formed, chaired by Pat Steinhaus to guide Illinois AEYC through a three-year restructuring process launched by NAEYC.

Illinois AEYC web site was re-established with address of http://illinoisaeyc.org.


Illinois AEYC newsletter is upgraded and edited by the office staff. Advertisements are accepted.

April 2001

Illinois AEYC began Annual Fundraising Letter campaign.

August 2002

Illinois AEYC adopts the Combo model for re-affiliation to NAEYC. The state will have Affiliate Chapters and Chapters of the State. There are 22 affiliates.

October 2002

Statewide Illinois AEYC conference, Springfield, IL.

Summer 2003

Affiliate Chapters go through re-affiliation process with the state or vote to become Chapters of the State.

Winter 2003

Illinois AEYC finished the five-year re-affiliation process with NAEYC. The affiliates as well at the state successfully re-affiliated at the Bronze level. Accreditation project continues to grow.

Office assistance approved for $4800 annually through INCCRRA/DHS - SAM Project Budget

Cave Interactive Media hired to manage and develop website, e-mail and technical services.

January 2004

Fiscal year changed to Calendar year.

Board voted to remain affiliated with Midwest AEYC at the winter/January 2005 board meeting

March 2004

Rosalind Frye, (President), Lori Longueville (President Elect), Lois Malone and Teri Bobko (Public Policy Chairs) and Blakely Bundy (Chicago Metro AEYC President) attend NAEYC Public Policy Forum in Washington DC.

August 2004

Annual retreat:

  • Recognition and Appreciation Celebration
  • Executive Committee begins meeting between meetings

October 2004

Conference at Pierre Marquette Hotel, Peoria Illinois:

  • Karen Hughes, NAEYC Affiliate Relations is keynote speaker
  • Leadership Discussion prior to Board Meeting presented by Karen Hughes
  • Public Policy Committee announces Quad Cities AEYC as recipient of Lana Hostetler Grant

November 2004

Illinois AEYC submits Membership Scholarship Grant proposal to NAEYC

January 2005

Meeting format change.

Written Public Policy Agenda is set for 2005 after first annual Policy caucus held on Friday evening of the winter/January Meeting (very successful)

February 2005

Strategic Plan 1st Year” Annual Report" sent off to NAEYC

Kickoff for “Every Child Deserves a Chance” 50/50 raffle and fundraiser

Illinois AEYC Lobby Day: Members join Public Policy Consultant Betsy Mitchell in Springfield. Meet with Louanner Peters of Governor’s office and with local legislators

April 2005

Friday night caucus discussion focuses on “What is Illinois AEYC’s Role / Niche in Professional Development

May 2005

Regional Trainings sessions are held in April as part of Technical Assistance provided by NAEYC:

  • Karen Hughes presentation, "Lessons from the Sandbox"
  • North, South and Central Region - three trainings. Central session held in conjunction with Board Meeting

Lois Malone,( Public Policy C-Chair); Cindy Mahr ( West Central VP) Mary Wonderlick ( Chicago Metro Delegate ) Leslie Parello ( Chicago Metro- Public Policy Chair) attend NAEYC Public Policy Forum in Washington DC

August 2005

Annual Retreat held at Stoney Creek in Peoria

Drawing for first annual “Every Child Deserves a Chance” raffle. Organization’s proceeds total $5,607

Organizational Development Committee leads Board through consolidation of 21 committees into six

All committee job descriptions updated

Board hires Jan Deissler as Consultant for Symposium

Laurie Rhodes agrees to serve as Symposium Chair

October 2005

Sharing a Vision Pre-Conference session is sponsored by Illinois AEYC

Brains, Trains and Emotional Safety: Ideas for the Classroom

  • Early Reading First and Emergent Literacy: Are They Compatible/What Are Programs Finding? Pat Steinhaus leads a discussion of Early Reading First Grant goals, their implementation and outcomes for children.
  • Scribble Scrabble. Look through a different lens with Mary Wonderlick at play and toys that entice children to have increased and improved prewriting opportunities.
  • With Gail Conway and CIVITAS¹ ³Right On Course² materials, Learn how to craft emotionally safe classroom environments where children behave appropriately and learn.
    9:30-3:30, lunch and Right On Course included, $85

Fall issue of Impact announces release of “Life is Life” poetry book: by Shirley Dean

November 2005

Fall Board meeting held in Springfield on November

Illinois AEYC Sponsors first ever ECERS-R Institute in Bloomington

Organization Development Committee reviews by-laws for needed changes

December 2005

Kathy Howard (SAM Project Coordinator) and Lori Longueville, (President) Participate in panel presentation at NAEYC Conference

January 2006

Kathy Howard, (SAM Project Coordinator) presents at Chicago Metro AEYC Conference (Opening Minds) Leadership Breakfast

February 2006

Winter Board meeting held in Springfield on February 10-11th:

  • Public Policy Caucus on Friday evening, Public Policy Agenda reviewed and amended
  • Business Meeting held on Saturday morning Board voted to change election of officers to Jan-Dec.
  • Board votes to temporarily reduce newsletter budget to balance budget
  • Board approves 2006 budget fund development plan

Strategic Plan Year # 2-"Annual Report" sent off to NAEYC

First palm pilot training for SAM mentors held in DesPlaines

Lori Longueville and Donetta Braner meet with Laura Anderson, fund development consultant

March 2006

Current Illinois AEYC President, Lori Longueville, is elected NAEYC Secretary. Two other elected Board members Jamilah Jordan and Frank Gettridge also come from Illinois

April 2006

Membership committee arranges and hosts statewide webinar on online membership system . Karen Hughes from NAEYC facilitates webinar.

Second palm pilot training held for SAM mentors in Springfield

May 2006

New nominations process introduced. Board approves amended by-laws. Kickoff of “Illinois AEYC at 40” new 3 yr strategic planning cycle.

June 2006

Prairieland affiliate disbands. Illinois Valley affiliate disbands

July 2006

Kathy Howard resigns as SAM Project Coordinator to take a position as an Elementary School Principal, effective 7/31/2006.

July – October 2006

Illinois AEYC Executive Committee works diligently to prepare for the hiring of a second full time staff person. Job Descriptions were put in place for Director of Programs and Director of Operations. Personnel Policies were updated, interview questions and scoring matrix developed.

August 2006

Annual Retreat held at Stoney Creek in Peoria.

October 2006

First Illinois AEYC Symposium was held at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield; “Critical Issues Facing Children and Families: Building Resiliency through Programs”. This was a new format from the Annual Conference held in previous years and was successful.

Interviews were held during the week of the Symposium for the Director of Programs position. Approximately 30 applicants apply and 8 were interviewed.

Public Policy Committee announces Golden Corridor AEYC as recipient of Lana Hostetler Grant.

Drawing was held for the second annual “Every Child Deserves a Chance” raffle. Organization’s proceeds total $3,715.

November 2006

Illinois AEYC hires second full time employee, Tonya Frehner, as Director of Programs. Donetta Braner becomes Director of Operations. Both Donetta and Tonya attended the NAEYC Conference in Atlanta.

February 2007

Illinois AEYC enters into partnership with ISBE, Illinois Resource Center and Chicago   Metro AEYC to develop and offer Great Expectations project to states’ Preschool for All programs

Tonya Frehner, Lois Malone, Cindy Mahr represent Illinois and Lori Longueville  represents NAEYC attends Public Policy Institute in Washington DC

First annual Illinois AEYC Leadership Day. Louanner Peters from the Governor’s Office was   guest speaker. There were approximately 25 in attendance.

Spring 2007

Betsy Mitchell, Illinois AEYC legislative consultant became part of early childhood lobby team and sits in on weekly strategy calls

Several conference calls held with members to update them on legislative session.

April 2007

Illinois AEYC and project partners recruit and conduct initial training of curriculum coaches.Training held in Bloomington Illinois for coaches.

May 2007

Illinois AEYC submits letter of intent to Grand Victoria for funding for SAM 

May –July 07

Second annual “Every Child Deserves a Chance 50/50 raffle- approximately $5,000 raised

June 2007

Illinois AEYC and partners sponsor 4 Great Expectations Curriculum Institutes for Preschool for All
program staff.

July 2007

Annual retreat held at Stony Creek in Peoria – recognition dinner for Board members with focus on website revisions. Members “built”new website concepts through hands on review of other AEYC websites, updated goals and objectives, created year 2 strategies.

SAM policies and procedures revised

August 2007

Print Guidelines developed by Public Relations Committee and approved by Board

Responsibility for organization’s minutes transferred from Secretary to staff, creating backup system for minutes.

October 2007

Election of new officers: Cindy Mahr, President Elect: Terry White, Southern Region VP; Laurie Rhodes, East Central VP and Barb Warmoth, Secretary

November 2007

Approached by Illinois NET to partner on its federally funded grant project on the   development of a new nutrition curriculum/ training for early childhood professionals and designed to prevent childhood obesity. Six current leaders of Illinois AEYC serve on the Advisory group for the Color My Meals Healthy curriculum project

January 2008

Year # 2 of Great Expectations project begins - Curriculum coaching begins for states Preschool for All programs

February 2008

Illinois AEYC Leadership Day. Senator Donne Trotter, guest speaker. Approximately 30 in attendance.

April 2008    

Great Expectations Institutes held
After survey of members, Board votes to increase dues.  

July 2008

New website launched

August 2008

Annual retreat held in Bloomington – discussion focused on accreditation, membership and member services.

September 2008

Growing Futures, Statewide Early Childhood Conference in Springfield Illinois , a  rousing success. Over $25,000 in sponsorships, several partner agencies, diverse planning committee almost 800 in attendance and profit of about $12,000 Illinois AEYC’s  co-sponsorship support allowed us to bring national experts to Illinois and present an exciting and diverse professional development conference.

Illinois AEYC notified that Great Expectations will be funded for a third year. On site coaching of programs continues and coaches assigned additional programs.

Providing high quality professional development and follow up on site technical assistance to over 90 Preschool for All programs throughout the state of Illinois (does not include city of Chicago) This was accomplished through the ISBE funded Great Expectations project, and in collaboration with partners, the Illinois Resource Center and Chicago Metro AEYC, Illinois Technical assistance was provided through a coordinated network of well trained curriculum coaches. 

Fall 2008

Election of new Officers.  Brenda Wardzala , Treasurer; Brenda Smith, West Central VP; Deb Clark Chicago Metro VP, Terese Amidei, Northern Region VP

Donetta Braner successfully was able to resolve cashing of a lost affiliate check for Illinois AEYC (over $3400) which was mailed in to Donetta from an old treasurer, 15 years old.

November 2008

Donetta Braner, Tonya Frehner  attend  NAEYC Conference in Washington DC

Agreement with Illinois Action for Children for joint policy alerts

December 2008

Illinois AEYC submits new funding proposal to Grand Victoria Foundation Successfully implementing the 2008 Grand Victoria grant which resulted in five (of ten) programs becoming and/or applying for accreditation. In addition a total of 33 early care and education programs who participated in the four group learning cohort groups documented program improvement and successful in moving their programs closer to meeting the NAEYC program standards and accreditation criteria.

January 2009

Accreditation Seminar presented by Agnes Kovacs and sponsored by Illinois AEYC  was held in Springfield Illinois

Tonya Frehner, Director of Programs and Betsy Mitchell conduct a session at Chicago Metro’s Opening Minds Conference.

Public Policy Agenda updated

February 2009

SAM grant expanded to include development of webinar and online assessment tool for family child care ($80,000)

Building on its tradition of annual Lobby Days, Illinois AEYC sponsored a Public Policy Leadership day in February 2008. In addition to leadership development, and public policy advocacy at the Capitol, participants met with legislative leaders, Senator Donnie Trotter (Senate Appropriations Chair) and Senator James Clayborn, to discuss early childhood issues and funding concerns.. Approximately 35 in attendance

Tonya Frehner, Terese Amidei, Kim Kernosky, Cindy Mahr and Gail Conway represent Illinois AEYC at NAEYC Public Policy Institute. Lori Longueville attending for NAEYC.
Kim Kernosky and Lori Longueville attend QRS meeting preceding Institute.

April 2009

Illinois AEYC receives notice of Grand Victoria funding  $74,000 for 18 months for SAM activities.

First “Children’s Champions” Recognition Lluncheon in Springfield.  General Assembly proclamation and reading of names

May 2009

Moved to new office space after building was sold.  New space was found just blocks away.
Newsletter s began to be sent out electronically instead of hardcopy with a significant savings in the budget.

July 2009

Executive and Finance Committees began holding monthly phone conferences to stay on top of the developing tough budget issues. ( non-renewed grants, state of Illinois budget conditions, etc.)

August 2009

President Cindy Mahr conducts a SWOT Analysis with Governing Board to incorporate with strategic planning for the October Board Retreat.

Donetta and Lori Longueville’s efforts at reaching “lapsed” members for renewal has seen 127 new and renewed memberships since the July process began.

September 2009

NAEYC Affiliate Rep, Gwen Simmons joins the Executive Committee in a phone conference to assist in evaluating ILAEYC’s current board and organizational development, in order to provide “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in working through the SWOT/Strategic Planning Process.

October 2009

The Board regretfully granted the dissolution requests by the Bi-County and the Western of IL Affiliate Chapters.
Governing Board Retreat held at The Chateau in Bloomington October 23 and 24; Ann Wharf was invited by President, Cindy to help facilitate the strategic planning process.

December 2009

The Board approved a Balanced Budget for 2010 based on the very hard work of Treasurer, Brenda Wardzala and her committee.

The Board approved the move to a re-organized QuickBooks as the ILAEYC office accounting system; based on recommendations from current accounting firm.

July 2010

SAM Project refunded for 2010 – 2011, funding level remains the same.

South Central Affiliate became Chapter of ILAEYC

Aug 2010

Grant submitted to Joyce Foundation, not funded.

Sept 2010

Grant submitted to NAEYC (innovations grant), not funded.

By-Laws revision recommendations completed by Debbie Lee and her committee.

“Counties covered” map was updated with less ‘unserved’ areas.

Oct 2010

Growing Futures Conference 2010 was held September 30 – October 2, Springfield Crowne Plaza. Conference was successful, with approximately 750 attendees, profit of $47,000 due to a bare bones budget strictly monitored by co-chairs Laurie Rhodes & Cindy Wall.

Nov 2010

Revision recommendations of By Laws Committee were approved at
November 13, 2010 Governing Board Meeting

January 2011

Elected officers officially take their seats: Laurie Rhodes, President (first term), Brenda Wardzala, Treasurer (second term); Brenda Smith, Central West VP (second term); Diana Shipley, Central East VP (1 yr. seat), Deborah Clark. Chicago Metro VP (second term)

Illinois AEYC will be move the office to 993 Clocktower Drive. The lease at 40 Adloff
will officially be terminated effective 3/31/2011.

March 2011

Professional Development Committee developed and sent out a professional development
survey to members and some non members via Zoomerang. Data on suggested topics,
format, best day/time, etc. was collected and reviewed for future program planning.

June 2011

As of August 31, 2011 IL AEYC will terminate it’s contract with Fleming, Tawfall,
& Company, PC for accounting services that are no longer needed.

August 2011

IL AEYC co-hosted a two day NAEYC Accreditation Training for SAMentors and Providers in Bloomington, IL. There were 153 participants for both days. NAEYC Academy Trainers provided the training.

Sept 2011

Donetta Braner took a new position with the State and as of September 1st, Tonya Frehner was hired back to Full Time. Tonya Frehner will assume many of Donetta’s office responsibilities. Fall regional workshops began with IL AEYC members Mary Wonderlick and Cindy Mahr providing probono presentations. It is the governing board’s hope that this format will be an income generator in the off year of the Growing Futures Conference as well as fulfill one of organizations missions of professional development.

October 2011

Two of the regional seminars were held. One in Carterville, IL and one in Decatur,IL. Nineteen participants were registered for Carterville and fourteen for Decatur.

November 2011

Two more regional seminars were held. One in Peoria Heights that had nineteen participants and one in Kankakee that had thirty six participants.

January 2012

Elected officers should officially take their seats. We are having trouble getting volunteers to step up. Central East VP, Southern Region VP are both Vacant. President Elect, Secretary and Professional Development Chair are all vacant. Laurie Rhodes and Tonya Frehner will be working to get these filled ASAP.

February 2012

Lois Malone, Gail Conway and several Chicago Metro Board Members attended the NAEYC Public Policy Forum in Washington DC as Illinois AEYC Representatives.

March 2012

NAEYC, Illinois AEYC and Chicago Metro partnered to have a NAEYC National Dialogue Regional Meeting in Chicago on March 24, 2012.  This meeting discussed some national issues (board structure, mission statement, etc.) and allowed members to have input in the discussion prior to NAEYC making changes.  There were representatives from 6 states in attendance.

April 2012

State ballots are emailed/mailed out for the State Board Election.

May 2012

State election ballot closed.  Results are: Laurie Rhodes-President Elect, Linda Lacy- Secretary, Rhonda Costa-Central East VP, Denise Kunpp-Southern Region VP and the by- laws resolution passed that stated Illinois AEYC is allowed to conduct business via electronic means.

May 2012

Illinois AEYC hosted their 4th annual Children’s Champion Day Event at the State Capitol and the desert reception was at the Illinois Governor’s Mansion.  Twelve nominees were honored with a House Resolution read by Rep. Mike Bost.  Eleven local affiliates made nominations and Lori Longueville was nominated on behalf of Illinois AEYC and joins Jan Diessler as the second state awardee.

June 2012

Illinois AEYC, DHS and INCCRRA partnered together through the SAM Grant to offer a Continuous Program Improvement Training Academy at Lincoln Land Community College.  The morning was an overview of QRS, NAEYC, NAC and NECPA and the afternoon was how to go about program improvement in generic terms, not focused toward anyone accreditation.  We had 64 people in attendance along with 6 presenters, Laurie Rhodes and Tonya Frehner.

Sept 2012

Illinois AEYC held their 2012 Growing Futures Conference at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center in Springfield, Illinois.  We were fortunate enough to have Dr. Lilian Katz as a keynote speaker on Friday.  We did a pre-conference day and two conference days.  Our attendance was 357 over the course of the three days.

Nov 2012

Tonya Frehner, Kerri Nolan, Mary Wonderlick and Gail Conway attended the NAEYC Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA on behalf of Illinois AEYC.

Jan 2013

The Illinois AEYC Board of Directors charged President Laurie Rhodes of putting together a by-laws task force to review the Illinois AEYC bylaws, committee descriptions and officer job descriptions.  Elected officers take their seats.  Terese Quarino- Illinois AEYC’s NAEYC Affiliate Council Representative, Barbara Warmoth- Treasurer, Susan Moore-Central West VP and Jennifer Brosnahan- Northern Region VP.

Feb 2013

The by-laws task force began their work. It is composed of one representative from each of region and chaired by Illinois AEYC Treasurer, Barbara Warmoth.  Laurie Rhodes and Tonya Frehner also participate in these calls.

May 2013

The Public Policy hosted a webinar titled, “Become a Better Advocate”.  Lois Malone and Betsy Mitchell facilitated the webinar.  It was free of cost as we partnered with the Illinois Resource Center Early Childhood.  We had over 75 participants.  Illinois AEYC held their 5th annual Children’s Champion Day Event at the State Capitol and the desert reception was held at the Illinois Governor’s Mansion.  Eleven nominees were honored with a House Resolution read by Rep. John Bradley.  Ten local affiliates made nominations and Lois Malone was nominated on behalf of Illinois AEYC and joining Jan Diessler and Lori Longueville as past Illinois AEYC Champions. Illinois AEYC also honored the Early Childhood Coalition at the reception.

Oct 2013

Illinois AEYC co-sponsored an all day workshop, The Inter-Relatedness of Movement, Child Development, and Academic Readiness in Early Childhood, with Illinois Resource Center Early Childhood and STARnet at the Sharing A Vision Conference at the Crowne Plaza.

Nov 2013

Tonya Frehner attended the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington DC on behalf of Illinois AEYC.

March 2014

Illinois AEYC and Illinois Action for Children co-sponsored a webinar titled, “Federal Early Learning Proposals & Developments”.  This was offered free to our members.

May 2014

Illinois AEYC held their 6th annual Children’s Champion Day Event at the State Capitol and the desert reception was held at the Illinois Governor’s Mansion.  Eleven nominees were honored with a House Resolution read by Rep. Mike Bost.  All eleven nominees were made on behalf of local affiliates. Illinois AEYC also honored the Early Childhood Coalition at the reception.

Oct 2014

Illinois AEYC held their 2014 Growing Futures Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, Illinois.  Carole Stephens Peterson keynoted on both Friday and Saturday.  We did a pre-conference day and two conference days.  Our attendance was right at 300 for all three days.

Nov 2014

Tonya Frehner, Carol Weisheit, Anne Wharff and Gail Conway attended the NAEYC Annual Conference in Dallas, TX on behalf of Illinois AEYC.

Dec 2015

Illinois AEYC brought NAC to Bloomington to do a two day accreditation training session.  Day one was open to the field, CCRR Support Staff and Mentors and day two was a more specialized training for the SAMentors.

May 2015

Illinois AEYC held their 7th annual Children’s Champion Day Event at the State Capitol and the desert reception was held at the Illinois State Library.  Seven nominees were honored with a House Resolution read by Rep. John Bradley.  All seven nominees were made on behalf of local affiliates. Illinois AEYC also honored the Early Childhood Coalition at the reception.

Sept 2015

Tonya Frehner and Carol Weisheit traveled to the Central East, Central West and Northern Illinois Regions to host regional affiliate dialogue discussions.

Nov 2015

Tonya Frehner, Carol Weisheit, Anne Wharff, Marie Kielty, Emily Reilly, and Gail Conway attended the NAEYC Annual  Conference in Orlando, FL on behalf of Illinois AEYC.

March 2016

Illinois AEYC brought NAEYC (Betsy Carlin) to Bloomington on to host the Affiliate Dialogue Discussion. There were 13/17 current affiliates present for the discussion.

March 2016

Illinois AEYC brought NAEYC to Bloomington to do a two day NAEYC Accreditation Training.  Day one was NAEYC Operation Accreditation and was open to the field, CCRR Support Staff and SAMentors.  Day two was a more specialized training for SAMentors.  It was Preparing Classrooms and Teaching Staff to Demonstrate Quality during the NAEYC Site Visit.  We had 41 attend the first day and 18 the second day.

April 2016

Illinois AEYC extended their Spring scheduled board meeting to Aril 1st and April 2nd to have time to continue the dialogue on the NAEYC Restructure process.

April 2016

Illinois AEYC held their 8th annual Children’s Champion Day Event at the State Capitol and the desert reception was held at the Illinois State Library.  Four nominees were honored with a House Resolution. All four nominees were made on behalf of local affiliates.  Illinois AEYC also honored the Early Childhood Coalition at the reception.

April 2016

Executive Committee convened face to face in Springfield on April 13th after the Children’s Champion Event to continue work on the NAEY Restructure Process. 

Past Presidents

Term President
1969 – 1970 Catherine McClelland, Honorary Past President
1970 – 1971 Lilian Katz
1971 – 1975 Mary Weir
1975 – 1976 Joan Braun
1976 – 1978 Jane Morpurgo
1978 – 1982 Lana Hostetler
1982 – 1986 Dorothy Deany
1986 – 1990 Deborah Cassidy
1990 – 1994 Jan Deissler
1994 – 1996 Chalmer Moore, Jr.
1996 – 1998 Judy Helm
1998 – 2000 Pat Steinhaus
2000 – 2002 Jan Deissler
2002– 2004 Rosalind Frye
2004 – 2008 Lori Longueville
2008 – 2010 Cindy Mahr
2010 – 2014 Laurie Rhodes
2014 – Present Carol Weisheit