Illinois AEYC Governing Board Election 2019 Details

Illinois AEYC is having our upcoming Governing Board Election in the next few weeks.  We are looking for an active, engaged member(s) to submit aboard application/resume for the positions of Illinois AEYC Regional Delegate for the following Regions: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 15.  Click here to access the Illinois AEYC Map of Regions.   Below you will find the description of the position duties.  

Regional Delegates
A.   Regions shall be considered distinct and encouraged to develop uniquely.  Regions shall be based upon chapter density and/or chapter distribution in distinct geographic areas.
B.  Term of Office:  As defined in Article V. A. 1. d. of the By Laws; elected on the regional ballot for a two-year term by the region’s membership; serving no more than two, two-year terms consecutively in that position.
C.  Regional Delegates represent geographic areas in the state.  (see attached map)
D.   Qualifications Specific to the Office:

  1. Maintain active membership status in NAEYC and Illinois AEYC
  2. Live or work within a Chapter in the region represented

E.  Responsibilities Specific to the Office:

  1. Attend Illinois AEYC Board meetings regularly
  2. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and serve on one Standing Committee of the Board.  
  3. Represent regional Chapters’ viewpoint in discussions in Illinois AEYC Board matters and vote on issues as a representative of the Chapters of the region.
  4. Encourage chapter participation on the Board of Illinois AEYC through such methods as:
  • discussing with chapters their Regional VP responsibilities on the Board;
  • contacting chapters in the region before each meeting of the Board to encourage attendance;
  • promoting involvement in Illinois AEYC, regional AEYC and NAEYC-sponsored activities such as conferences and leadership training sessions.
  • promoting the Illinois AEYC and NAEYC nomination and election process by soliciting nominations from local members and encouraging members to vote. 
    1. Send communications by handwritten or electronic means to chapters in the region informing them of actions taken by the Board and thanking them for their participation, if applicable.  
    2. Attempt to visit each regional chapter at least once during term of office.
    3. Assist Professional Development Committee in assessing needs of regional chapters and the development of training for that region.
    4. Facilitate and coordinate communication between Illinois AEYC and chapters in the region.
    5. Coordinate the development of communication and collaboration among chapters in the region.
    6. Serve as a representative of Illinois AEYC to outside organizations as assigned by the President.
    7. Assist President in monitoring compliance with the Affiliate-Chapter Agreement.
    8. Choose one Regional Delegate to serve a 2 year term on the Executive Committee as a Regional Vice-President. 

To apply, you will need to fill out and submit the 2019 Governing Board Application and submit it along with a resume to Illinois AEYC Governing Board President, Stephanie Herling @  Feel free to reach out to Tonya Frehner, Illinois AEYC Executive Director @ with any questions.