NAEYC Restructure Update 11-21-16

Hello, Illinois AEYC members!

Fall is definitely upon us and I am enjoying the falling leaves (but not the raking) and the days with clear blue skies! Of course, we know what is in store for us in about a month so I am savoring every minute of this crisp, clear weather!

I wanted to give you a brief but important updates on the restructuring process.

First, Chicago AEYC will be reinventing into a chapter! We had a very successful first meeting last month on October 27. We had 34 individuals from child care centers, agencies, university/colleges, consultants, and home providers who met with me and Tonya to begin the process of identifying what the member needs are and a plan to move forward. We had a very honest and open discussion about the future and I was buoyed by the passion individuals brought to the table. We had a wonderful cross section of new, returning, young and seasoned members joining us at the table. We are meeting again next week on Thursday, December 1 at 5 PM at NLU on Michigan Avenue. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend. We are required to provide a sign in sheet and we would love to have you included!

Second, the restructuring process is continuing to move forward. We have met or will meet with the boards of DuPage County AEYC, Fox Valley AEYC and Southern Illinois AEYC regarding the restructuring and what it means for the local chapter. The Illinois AEYC bylaws are being updated to reflect the new structure and should be finished by the January meeting to be presented to the Board of Directors before being sent out to the membership for approval. The Affiliate-Chapter Agreement is nearing completion and will also we presented to the Board of Directors at the January meeting.

Third, the annual NAEYC conference in November at the Los Angeles Convention Center had a large group representing Illinois! We were also fortunate to have 2 Lasting Legacy Scholarship winners from Illinois - Marlena Constant from Capitol Area AEYC and Jess Frederick from McLean County AEYC. Check out our FB page for photos! Marlena and Jess were 2 of 13 winners nationwide! Congratulations, Marlena and Jess!

Finally, my hope is that you will continue to be engaged in your local AEYC. Your input is valuable so please let your local or state affiliate know what your needs are! We value open dialogue about upcoming structure changes as well as all work done on behalf of the children and families in Illinois. Don’t forget to follow us on FB and Twitter (@illinoisaeyc) and check out our website for the latest information at

I hope you have a restful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!


Carol Weisheit, President

Illinois AEYC