NAEYC Restructure Update 6-2-16

I hope that you all had a restful Memorial weekend whether you had time alone, picnicked with family/friends, or took a road trip! It’s now the “official” start of summer and with that comes a more relaxed attitude about our work. But, not for Illinois AEYC!  I wanted to update you on the process of the restructuring at the national, state and local level.

 As you know, local affiliates will have to decide about becoming an affiliate (if 3 thresholds are met), becoming a chapter or disassociating with AEYC all together.  Of course, Illinois AEYC hopes that all local affiliates become chapters under the state affiliate!  NAEYC has set forth the following timeline for the restructuring process:

 May - August 31 - Application to become an affiliate is open (next application cycle opens January, 2018)

  • June - December - Affiliate applications reviewed
  • January 2017 - NAEYC Board approves affiliate applications
  • February 2017 - charters signed, branding template rollout begins
  • September 2017 - new member categories launch, new charter becomes effective

 Illinois AEYC appointed an ad hoc committee at the board meeting on April 2 and this ad hoc committee has been working tirelessly on developing an affiliate-chapter agreement for our state.  The members are:  Jackie Farber (East Central), Ashley Earles and Marlena Constant (Capitol Area), Alisa Kapusinski (GO), Lori Longueville (Southern), Emily Reilly (Northern), Tonya Frehner (Director of Programs) and myself as your President.   Collectively, well over 40 hours have been spent to hammer out a new affiliate-chapter agreement. Your delegate to the Illinois AEYC Board of Directors will be meeting June 17/18 in Champaign to vote on this issue.  We hope we will have representatives from all 17 affiliates at this meeting.  Please be sure to check in with your local board to see what’s happening.  

We have plenty of work to do over the summer:  bylaws and standing rules need to be modified to be in-line with National requirements so if you like that kind of committee work, please let me know.  While we haven’t ruled out a face to face meeting, we will be doing the lion’s share of the work via GoToMeeting online.  This committee will be forming at the June 17/18 meeting.  

If you have not yet had a chance to see a webinar or read documents regarding the restructuring, here’s a link.  An informed membership is at the heart of this process and we welcome any comments, questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you!


Carol Weisheit, President

Illinois AEYC