Student Chapters Policy

All student chapters must be sanctioned by their college or university, meet NAEYC guidelines and Illinois AEYC student group guidelines.  When student groups are formed in conjunction with local affiliate chapters, affiliate chapters must notify the state of these affiliations.

Some examples of Potential Roles and Activities of Sponsoring Affiliates:

  • Provide workshop leaders and speakers
  • Assist students with program planning/implementation
  • Involve students in larger advocacy efforts in the community
  • Ask students to volunteer at local conferences and events in exchange for admission
  • Provide materials to recruit other students, including event posters and member leaflets
  • Offer to send Affiliate representatives to meetings of student groups
  • Provide technical assistance and models for student group organization and bylaws
  • Advise students on lesson plans and career plans
  • Offer office resources for mailing, website outreach, newsletter articles, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for emerging leaders to work with existing leaders in the field
  • Cultivate new student groups by participating in local school events

Some examples of Potential Roles and Activities for Students:

  • Volunteer at the Local or State Conference
  • Organize workshops for other students, featuring local experts and leaders
  • Conduct information fairs and events on campus during the Week of the Young Child
  • Attend Local Affiliate events
  • Send students representatives to meetings of affiliates
  • Engage in Worthy Wage campaigns and other advocacy efforts in the community
  • Network and build relationships with leaders in the field
  • Raise funds for field trips to other schools, NAEYC Annual Conference, etc.
  • Sponsor volunteer service projects at child care centers, elementary schools, homeless shelters, children's hospital wards and other community organizations
  • Write articles about the student groups for the Affiliate newsletter
  • Gain skills in program planning, outreach, implementation and evaluation, as well as confidence in themselves as leaders
  • Connect with the Student Interest Forum - at the NAEYC Annual Conference or on - to share ideas with other student groups around the country