NAFCC Webinar Series

You are invited to participate in a webinar series presented by senior staff of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) and offered to you through the Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children.

Using NAFCC’s Benchmarks to Quality, this webinar series provides participants with the information and tools to plan and implement a quality program in their licensed family child care. While the benchmarks are used for NAFCC accreditation, participants do not have to be pursuing accreditation to participate.

There are 9 sessions in the Benchmarks to Quality Series. You may purchase them individually or as an entire group.  The webinars can be accessed on demand at your convenience!

  • Webinar 1 - Excite and ignite
  • Webinar 2 - Accreditation – the process
  • Webinar 3 - Relationships
  • Webinar 4 - The Environment
  • Webinar 5 - Developmental Learning Activities – Part 1
  • Webinar 6 - Developmental Learning Activities – Part 2
  • Webinar 7 - Safety
  • Webinar 8 - Health
  • Webinar 9 - Professional and Business Practices

Individual participants can take the webinar at home (must have a computer with speakers) or the series can be offered in a group setting (requires power point projector or loud speaker in computer).


You will be granted access to the webinars once you pay for them.  You can pay via PayPal through the registration form.  Once you pay for the webinars, you will receive an email within 48 hours with detailed instructions as to how to proceed.