Starts May 3, 2021 then every Monday until May 24, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm  to  9:00 pm


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May 3 – How to Create a Culture of Respect 7-9PM

Most people agree that mutual respect is a great idea, but how do we do it?  In this session we will learn specific ways to improve the culture of your center or school. Visioning and training for the mindset and skills of a respectful environment for children, staff members and parents will be explored.  The topics in the next two sessions will also support your work to create a mutually respectful center. 

May 10 – Appropriate Power Sharing to Beat Burn Out! 7-9PM

In this session we will explore 2 ways to share power with your staff so that they feel engaged and you don’t have to do everything and make all of the decisions. We will learn and practice making agreements (social contracts) and the team meeting process with shared leadership.

May 17 – The Courage to Have Difficult Conversations and Give Effective Feedback 7-9PM

In this third session in the series we will address one of the most difficult communication topics for education leaders – how to address challenging conversations or to give feedback to our staff/team about a problem behavior. Presenter will share tools, steps and we will practice in our session. A structure for ongoing practice will be shared. 

May 24 – Next Steps to Leading with Confidence 7-8:30PM

In this final session we will reflect on the course content and our learning to create an individualized plan for moving forward. Next steps will be identified, support from the group will be elicited, and we will all have an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned during our time together.