Illinois AEYC’s Governing Board

The Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children is governed by a 19 member Board of Directors comprised of an Executive Committee (4-5 elected officers) along with fifteen (15) elected Regional Delegates representing each of the Association’s regions. Officers serve two year, staggered terms. The Board holds meetings quarterly in a central location. Meetings are open and all members are welcome to attend. For exact meeting dates, check Illinois AEYC’s event calendar located on this website.

Current Officers of Illinois AEYC include:

Stephanie Herling President (2019-2020, first term) Tywanda Jiles, Secretary (2020-2021, appointed to finish term) Lee Eklund, Treasurer (2018, first term) Aminah Weaver, Regional Delegate Vice President (2020), first term)
Regional Delegates of Illinois AEYC include:
Region 1: Jared Hennan (term 2020-2021, first term)
Region 2: Aminah Weaver (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 3: Lisa Bauer (term 2020-2021, second term)
Region 4: Mary Anne Bjork (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 5: Moushumi Kundu (term 2020-2021, second term)
Region 6: Reyna Munoz (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 7: Constance Graska (term 2020-2021, first term)
Region 8: Kadi Juris (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 9: Rhonda Costa (2020-2021, second term)
Region 10: Barbara Warmoth (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 11: Amanda DeFord (term 2020-2021, first term)
Region 12: Molly Dunn-Steinke (term 2019-2020, first term)
Region 13: Robin Haynes (term 2020-2021, second term)
Region 14: Ann Oswalt (term 2020-2021, first term)
Region 15: Colleen McLaughlin (term 2020-2021, first term)