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Tasty Tuesday Recipes and Videos

Click here for the Recipes and Videos from Tasty Tuesday!

Work Together Wednesday

When children build together they explore math and science concepts and develop their social and early literacy skills. Today we are happy to be working with our Colleagues Gavin Creaden and Toni Galassini with Chicago Public Schools! They have put together a quick resource webinar for all you educators to spark Working Together in your classrooms. Along with this Webinar they have provided you a wealth of resource that you can access all within this folder that we are sharing with you today! #WOYC20

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Artsy Thursday

So much learning can occur when children are engaged in true creative art!! Today we shift our focus to the experiences children can engage in during Art! Today we are great full for our collaboration with member Anna Owen and STAR NET Region I and III!!


Click the link below to learn important tips to keeping your art area on target!!


Family Friday

Families are the first teachers our children have! We have so much to learn from each family! Family Friday focuses on those families who support our learners everyday! Today we hope you enjoy our grid of Family Activities (click the link below)!