October 22-24, 2020 (VIRTUAL)

    Thursday Keynote: Kevin Carnes, President of Education Division, Lakeshore Learning Materials-

How to Transform Your Space into an Outdoor Classroom – A Insiders Look at Lakeshore’s Onsite Preschool for Employees’ Children

Join Kevin Carnes, President of the Education Division, for a discussion and overview of how Lakeshore transformed their onsite preschool for their employees’ children which was mostly a concrete outdoor space between two large shipping warehouses in an industrial area into a Nature Explore certified outdoor classroom. Using everyday items, inexpensive items and their community, Lakeshore was able to transform their space into more inviting and impactful learning areas. The center has been an integral part of their main headquarters in Carson, CA for over 20 years and was officially certified as an official Nature Explore outdoor classroom over 10 years ago. Kevin will be joined by one of the outdoor learning instructors from Kids & Co on the tour showing how you can take many aspects of the classroom outside while also taking into account all of the new precautionary measures in place and still making it fun, safe and creative for children.

Friday Keynote: Dr. Antoinette Taylor- Exceptional Needs Consultant

…And Justice for All: Equity, Empathy and Excellence in Education

Regardless of race, family income, student ability, student disability, or being a student who is multilingual, all children have the right to equitable learning opportunities that help them achieve positive academic, social emotional and behavioral outcomes. Working together we can build the capacity to implement evidenced based, developmentally appropriate principles and techniques that create equity and access to high-quality educational opportunities and sustainable outcomes for all children.

Saturday Keynote: Steve Erwin, Kaplan- “First Responders to Challenging Behavior and Stress: Keeping Ourselves Healthy”

Recent research has pointed to stress as a significant issue for teachers. Studies such as Adverse Childhood Experiences demonstrate the impact on ECE teachers. This interactive presentation will explore stress factors on children and teachers; explore and discuss proactive strategies to reduce stress and identify protective factors that build resilience to sustain a healthy approach when working with children.

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